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Technology Overload: Are You Smarter Than Your New Refrigerator?

Like many Americans, I caved and bought myself a “smart” phone.  The allure of having the internet and my social network at my fingertips was just too good to pass up.

Having had it a while now, I suspect I am not the only person occasionally referring to it as a “dumb” phone.  You know what I mean.  Dropped calls, slow internet, freezing at the worst possible moment. Not to mention the fact that when it’s ringing at the bottom of my purse I can never get to it in time. (Perhaps I can’t blame the phone for that.)

But are they are taking this “smart” thing just a little too far? Continue reading

The Disney Dilemma: Has Cinderella Eaten My Daughters?

I admit it. I was one of those mothers who let their young daughters watch Disney movies.  Prince Charming, white horse, the whole nine yards.

And since we live on the west coast, we did more than one trip to Disneyland when they were young. There’s nothing like watching your daughter’s face light up at her first Mickey Mouse sighting.

Now that they are becoming competent young women, I sometimes wonder..have I damaged their self-esteem? Made them believe they need a man who will someday solve all their problems and carry them off on a noble steed?

After all, they are more obsessed than ever with Disney princesses.  But there are worse things for teenage girls to be involved with right?  Like drugs. Or boys. Or Jersey Shore. Continue reading

Black Thanksgiving: An idea that (hopefully) won’t last.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year.

I love making the turkey, the stuffing and the pies. I am so happy when my daughters come downstairs raving about the incredible smells emanating from the kitchen.  Even watching “Miracle on 34th Street” (The Natalie Wood version of course), has become a Thanksgiving tradition.

Then the entire family shows up around 3:00 pm with side dishes and hearty appetites. It’s a ton of work, but well worth the effort.

That’s why I was so dismayed this year to find that retailer’s were opening their doors for “Black Friday” at midnight on Thanksgiving.

Is it just me, or does that seem sacrilege? Continue reading

A Reader’s Dream: Amazon’s New Lending Library.

I readily admit I love my Kindle, though I do  still borrow books from the library from time to time. All that may change with Amazon’s new lending library for the Kindle.

I’m now able to  read books on my Kindle for free? Really?

Yep. Gone are the days of searching for the old library card and driving across town only to find out the book you’re dying to read is not available. (Not to mention someone telling you to keep your voice down.)  And I hate the thought of getting back in my car and having to return it 3 weeks later. Continue reading

A “Raving Fan” Is Born

As I sit here at my favorite Bistro, it occurs to me that it is no accident.

Of course, they have the best coffee and pastries in town, that goes without saying.  But they were also smart and savvy enough to have done a brilliant bit of marketing when they opened about three years ago.  And it cost them next to nothing. Continue reading